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Mauro is known for his expertise, quick humor and approachable painting advice as seen nationally on This Old House. Mauro’s knowledge is a reflection of his 26 years of painting experience and dedication to bringing his clients the best. In today’s world of high quality, shouldn’t your home reflect your tastes? That’s where Mauro and Mauro’s Painting comes in to bring expertise and innovation to exceed clients expectations. We passionately dedicated to excellence and efficiency and professionalism.

About US

The unique needs of each client are meet with our skilled professional and surface repair experts draw on decades of experience.


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Our Services


We take care of the space in which we will work according to the project proposal. If necessary we remove and protect furniture and floor to protect against the paints and products used in the renovation.



When the space is ready we begin the painting process. We take care that each project occurs within the schedule being punctual with our clients.



Before we start, from the smallest to the largest project, we carefully plan each step to ensure the conscious use of material and the long duration of the painting.


Recent projects


Host Kevin O'Connor works with painter Mauro’s Painting to meet the unique needs of each client on their special projects on the Ask This Old House, an Emmy winning Tv show.



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Perfect Plans & Projecting

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